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Welcome to the OpenEvidence Project. In this web based service you find all information concerning the project. Note: This server is currently being completely reconstructed and there may be missing links, etc.



With the emergence of legal environments concerning the recognition of electronic signatures and long-term validity of electronic documents evidence-creating and evidence-validating services operated by third parties are a proposed means to address the problem of technical support for long-term authentic documents. By providing an open source solution, the OpenEvidence (IST-2001-35174) project responds to Action line IV.3.3 of the EU 7TH IST call as a take-up action, to foster in Europe a critical mass of development of free software.


About this server

This server provides an interface between the OpenEvidence Project and interested users. It contains all necessary features to discuss the project and its technologies, and to obtain the provided technology.

The major parts of the server are currently only accessible via HTTPS. The server contains different zones which require some different authorisations.


User Registration

You can subscribe to get access to protected zones here.. You will obtain a certificate generated by the OpenEvidence Participants Authority which is part of the OpenEvidence Public Key Infrastructure. The certificate will also allow you to participate in the demonstration services that are currently being prepared. Furthermore, you will receive announcements via electronic mail.

We invite You lso to subscribe to our mailing list for general discussions.



You may want to contact the OpenEvidence project directly. In order to do so, use the electronic mail address


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